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What we see


We offer a line of gas detection cameras and tools to detect in real time gas leaks on your site, and keeptrack of them and their maintenance (LDAR program).

These equipment will help you to make your site safer, to manage your maintenance program or to comply with local environment regulations. 


You want a full check up of your plant to know where are located all your leaks... But you do not have the personal nor the time to do it.... We can help you with our on site inspection service.

Our services also include training, installation supervision and maintenance of our equipments. 

Philosophy & design

Our cameras are designed

- To be safe to use in Oil & Gas sites (Atex zone II certified)

- To withstand harsh conditions (IP65 casing to keep the sand/dust/water off)

- To reduce down time and operating cost (no yearly calibration and low maintenance - 8000 hours ETBM -)