GasViewer F3234 - Fixed camera -

Standard color image

Detection mode

Gas colorized mode

Gas leak detection equipment is vital to keeping your employees, products and environment safe.


Building on the success of the handheld GasViewer P3234 portable camera, GasViewer F3234 is the next generation fixed gas detection camera for installation in oil, gas and petrochemical sites.


GasViewer F3234 enables you to monitor  your site, or remote sites, 24/7 to detect methane and volatile organic compound (VOC) gas clouds (please refer to the datasheet for detected gas list) .


It automatically triggers an alarm in case of detection.


The vido feed and alarm are send to your control room from the camera through  TCP/IP connection.


To ease the gas monitoring, the gas cloud is colorized in almost real time (5 sec delay) on the color display installed in your control room (as per our videos)


By visualizing the gas cloud size and whereabouts you can take the appropriate safety decision...

Send your response team to contain the leak without having them going through the gas cloud...

Evacuate people or shutdown equipment that could be on the gas cloud passage...


High sensitivity to a spectrum invisible to the human eye makes GasViewer F3234 a critical tool in fugitive gas leak detection.