Unique features

ATEX certification


Depending where our camera has to be located, it can be equipped with a casing certified ATEX Ex II 2G d T6



Tailored for industry requirements


Designed and tested with oil and gas companies collaboration. Our camera complies with the industry requirements: Extremely low false alarms level, reliability, safety and very high availability rate.



Automatic leak detection


GasViewer F3234 includes a highly sensitive IR camera and an HD color camera for fast recognition of the area being inspected. Videos recorded by the camera can be saved locally (on the camera) or remotely, then the feed send to the control room through a TCP/IP connection. 

Automatic gas cloud colorization


To help identify the gas on the screen installed in the control room the camera automatically colorized the gas cloud in almost real time (5 sec delay)

Automatic alarm triggering


Once the gas is detected GasViewer F3234 automatically triggers an alarm. The information can be sent to the control room and/or a dry contact located on the camera allow you to connect directly an alarm system (siren, rotating beacon,...)



Stand alone or integrated system


GasViewer F3234 can be used as a stand alone equipment with its own alarm system to be used locally.For example to monitor a wellhead while the maintenance team is working on it. The camera itself will detect the potential leak and trigger the alarm connected to its dry contact locally.

GasViewer F3234 can also be used as a part of an integrated system to survey a full site or  remote locations such as wellheads, compression station, etc...located far away. In this case the feed can be send wirelessly. And to save bandwidth the camera will send the signal to the control room only once it detects the gas cloud.