IMS- Integrity Management System -

Should you decide to implement a LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) program or to perfect an existing one, we can help you with our Integrity Management System. 


Our IMS is composed of two parts : 



Your inspection tem is equipped with our GasViewer GV P3234 Atex certified camera connected to our PDA to input information directly into the recorded videos and to transfer these videos wirelessly to  the server through ATEX certified wireless antenna installed on your site. 

On the other hand your maintenance team is equiped with ATEX certified tablet so once they get in front of the item to be repaired, they input the item number on the tablet to see the video recorded by your inspection team and to locate exactly where the leak is coming from, in order to take the apropriate action to repair it.


This is actually the database where all the information is stored concerning each item (tag number, location, supplier...). In addition it is connected to our camera and to our tablets so videos recorded with our camera is available on site to the maintenance team.

Main advantages of our IMS

- Flowless information from the time the inspector found a leak to the time the maintenance team repairs it. Even if the inspection and/or maintenance team are third party companies.

- Your LDAR information is always available to anybody in your team having server access, even from a remote location.

To know more about how IMS works, please refer below to our comparison below...Without and with IMS...


• When a leak is found the inspector records video and audio with the camera and write the item number on a notepad
• At the end of the day the inspector return to the office to download the videos, inspector have to manually match the video with the item number
• Videos are saved on local desktop with limited access for other departments
• The maintenance team may have a look at the video in the office before going on site  but information is not available on site


• Each ATEX certified Wifi antenna is connected to an “area hub” covering a specific part of the plant
• During a plant survey, the inspector enters a designated area carrying his GasViewer ATEX camera connected to an ATEX  PDA
• The area hub identifies the GasViewer camera and PDA and sends an area code to the PDA
• Using this code the PDA displays the area equipment list to the inspector
• Once a leak is found, the inspector selects the inspected equipment in the list
• The Inspector records video and audio and write a report in his PDA concerning this leak, video is automatically linked to the item selected in the list by inspector
• The camera and PDA sends the video/audio from camera and report from PDA to the area hub
• Area hub is interrogated by main server at control room
• Server assembles the data collected from each area hub
• Information is available on server and accessible to anybody with access (even from remote location) through an user friendly interface displaying information about every item inspected.
• The maintenance team enters a designated area with their ATEX tablet
• The area hub identifies the Tablet and sends an area code to the Tablet
• The tablet shows the list of leaks in the area covered by the hub
• The repairman watch the leak video once in front of the item he chose from the list, he knows exactly what part of the item is leaking