Portable camera- GasViewer P3234 -

Infrared Cameras work according to the principle that hydrocarbon emissions absorb infrared light in a certain wavelength. Infrared (IR) cameras use this characteristic to detect the presence of gas emissions from equipment by converting the scanned area into a moving image in real time such that the gas plumes are visible due to their absorption of the IR light.


Certified CLASS I, Division 2, Groups A-D, T6 (also ATEX II  3G Ex nL IIC T6), with an  IP65 casing,  GasViewer camera is the only Infrared Camera specially designed from the begining, for the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas market requirements, for gas detection and Smart LDAR compliance. Simplifying and broadening opportunities for use inside your facility limits without the need of a hot permit , allowing video and audio recording.


Our camera allows the inspection of vast areas in a plant with simple user interface, visualizing in real time hydrocarbon gas leaks as, infrared image on a large color LCD. Gas leaks appear like “fumes” on the screen.


A built-In DVR (Digital Video Recording on a 16 GB SD Card) allows video (both “normal” color and Infrared videos) and audio recording for up to 8 continuous hours. A USB connection allows videos to be downloaded to a computer as MP4 files for transferring to your maintenance team or for external storage.


The camera is lightweight (only 2,5kgs) and supplied with 3 UL certified batteries which can be changed on site without having to get out of the hazardous areas, thus saving time.


Gas leak detection equipment is vital in keeping your employees, environment and product safe. Our camera saves time in the search for fugitive gas leaks and provides confidence that equipment is free from leaks of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other gases (please refer to the detected gases list in the datasheet)


• Ideal for natural gas, oil, and petrochemical facilities.

• High sensitivity detector can pinpoint the smallest leaks.

• Certified for use in hazardous locations.

• Implements an internal video and audio recording device.

• Features a large color LCD display for image and text display.

• Rugged and durable by design to be used as a tool in the field.