Unique features

ATEX certification 

Our camera is certified Atex  ATEX II  3G Ex nL IIC T6 so you can use it in Atex Zone 2 hazardous areas. (Atex certificate available on demand).


(Allow me to remind you that non Atex equipment requires a hot permit. A condition to get this permit is that the non Atex equipment has to be used in conjunction with a portable gas detector. Atex regulation specifies in case the detector triggers an alarm, all non atex equipment has to be switch off.

In other words, should you decide to use non Atex equipment to look for leaks, you will have to switch it off as soon as you detect a leak thus not permitting you to look for the origin of the leak.)


With our GasViewer ATEX certified camera, no hot permit is needed. Should you encounter gas leaks, our Zone 2 Atex certified design allows you to continue safely to look for the origin of the leak knowing our camera is not a possible source of ignition.

Tough design to whithstand harsh industrial conditions - IP 65 - 


Our GasViewer camera casing is IP 65, sealed to dust and water jets.

This is important in the Middle East locations where dust is often part of the everyday weather conditions.


With GasViewer, you’ll know that no dust will be able to enter the camera thus increasing its reliability.


No calibration and very low maintenance

Our GasViewer camera no requires calibration.

We chose not to include the thermography option to our camera, because yearly calibration due to thermography results in lower camera availability and higher owning cost.


We limited the number of moving parts inside Gasviewer to increase its reliability. The only moving part is the compressor to cool down the detector. It is given for 8000 hours (4 years using the camera 8 hours every working day) estimated time between maintenance



Voice recording

We supply a set of headsets and microphone together with the GasViewer camera. They can be mounted on your regular safety helmet.


The microphone allows you to record your own comments during the inspection. This comments will merge with the recorded videos so once downloaded to your computer (through a usb conection software supplied with the camera) those files can be transferred (as mp4 files) to your maintenance team who will be able not only to see the recorded leak but also to listen to your comments about it.





We developed a simple yet very efficient tool to block the sun reflection onto the embedded screen. Our Glareshield allows you to use both your eyes to watch the screen so you can focus on the leak detection with less fatigue. We even integrated a magnifier to detect small leak more efficiently.


In some areas wher H2S content is very high you may have to use breathing apparatus. With our glareshield you can still continue to use our camera. 


Field replaceable batteries and lenses


Our batteries being Atex too, you can switch batteries on site, without needing to get back to the office, thus increasing the onsite use of the camera.



Simple "out of the box" operation


Our interface is very user friendly, every function of each button can be shown on the embedded screen so a user can get familiar with the use of the camera and get operational in few hours, thus limiting the time for training and increasing the camera availability.



Thank you for your interest in our GasViewer camera, should you have further questions please feel free to contact us or our local agent.