On site inspection service


You want a full check up of your plant to know where all your leaks are located but you do not have the personal or the time to do it...  We can help you...

Installation supervision


In case your project involves our fixed camera or our IMS, we work with local company already registered with you as vendor to install our equipment. We supervise their work so we can assure the equipment we delivered comply with your request. 



We train your team on your site on how to use our equipment... 



Even though our cameras require very low maintenance (ETBM of 8000 hours) we propose you the following services.


The portable camera goes back to our french office for maintenance. Once you deliver it to our local representative, we take care of shipping it back to our office. When we receive it, we diagnostic the repairs needs. Depending on the delay required for maintenance, we can propose you a replacement unit.


For the fixed camera we strongly suggest a three to five years on site maintenance contract so we can complete at least a once a year full cleaning and an optic protection glass change to make sure possible scratches due to dust or sandstorm are not cutting down the camera detection capabilities.


For both cameras we garantee spare parts wll be available for at least ten years.

For additional information about our services, or to get a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.