On site inspection


You want a full check up of your plant to know where are all your leaks but you do not have the personal or the time to do it... We can help you...

We use our certified ATEX Ex II 3G Ex nL IICT6 GasViewer P3234 camera to inspect every inch of your pipes and every item included in the area to inspect (valves, flanges, compressors…). Then we quantify and we mark every leak.


With our camera we are able to screen hundreds of components per hour, thus reducing the time of inspection... and its cost.


In addition we manage to inspect inaccessible equipment: components in confined spaces or in elevated locations can be screened remotely from an accessible location within viewing distance.


Every link found is recorded as video that we’ll download and forward to you together with our detailed report. You’ll then be able to forward it to your maintenance team so they can repair the detected leaks. 


As an option , we can also help you to install set up our IMS system at your location