CH4 leaks labeling

Once detected and quantified, every leak will be labeled.

To help you determine a priority in repairing leaks, each one of them will be labeled  with a colored label whose color correspond to a rate leak as describe below. Color coded labels will help your maintenance teams to spot the leaking items on the deck and it will help them decide which one to repair first (depending on the color)

-       Green label for leaks below 1 l/min (< 0,05 kg/h or <525m3/year)

-       Yellow label for leaks between 1 and 5 l/min (0,05 and 0,2 kg/h or 525 and 2628 m3/año)

-       Red label for leaks above 5 l/min (> 0,2 kg/h or > 2628 m3/año)

(Should you want us to change the “limits” for each color, please let us know.)

Each label will have the following information:

                   - date

                   - item tag number (if any)

                   - leak identification number (matching the video id number we’ll supply)

                   - leak flow rate in l/min


In case your maintenance team is able to fix some of the leaks while we are still on site doing our inspection, we’ll quantify once again the repaired leak and change the label color according to the new reading. Should the leak be fix, we ‘ll get the label off but still report the leak in our report mentioning the flow rate before and after maintenance.