CH4 leaks quantification

To quantify CH4 leaks detected with the camera, we use a High Volume Sampler

The High Volume Samplers captures all of the emissions from a leaking component to accurately quantify leak emissions rates in l/min.

Leak emissions, plus a large volume sample of the air around the leaking component, are pulled into the instrument through a vacuum sampling hose.

High volume samplers are equipped with dual hydrocarbon detectors that measure the concentration of hydrocarbon gas in the captured sample, as well as the ambient   hydrocarbon gas concentration. Sample measurements are corrected for the ambient hydrocarbon concentration, and a mass leak rate is calculated by multiplying the flow rate of the measured sample by the difference between the ambient gas concentration and the gas concentration in the measured sample. Methane emissions are obtained by calibrating the hydrocarbon detectors to a range of concentrations of methane-in-air.


High volume samplers are equipped with special attachments designed to ensure complete emissions capture and to prevent interference from other nearby emissions sources (pictures below).

Results supplied by the High Volume Sampler are given directly in liter per minute (l/min). Upon your request, we can change the measuring unit to m3/h, m3/year, kg/h.

Our High Volume Sampler is classified  UL Class 1 Div 1 in the US


IMPORTANT : At this time quantification is only possible for Methane (CH4) .